Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow...past, present and maybe future...

This has been a strange winter. We have snow again!   I guess Speck the cat knew what we were in for even if we didn't.  This summer when the temperature was still reaching highs of 105, he starting putting on his winter coat, including a long thick mane.
The last time I remember having this much snow was in 1968.  We were out of school for Spring Break and I was spending a few days with my cousin Susan in town.  We got 13 inches of snow and were snowed in for a week!  Aunt Jimmie & Uncle H.C. live on a dead end street just behind the hospital.  It is all developed now, but back then there were lots of hills and few streets or houses to get in our way.  The neighborhood was filled with kids my age and we were all friends so we spent hours out in the snow. We had so much fun sledding on aluminum trash can lids, making snow ice cream, and just hanging out together. That was probably the best Spring Break I ever had!
Cut to today, 40+ years later.  The snow is beautiful, but I went out for about 15 minutes and that was enough!  I love to just sit and watch the birds in the feeder.  Terry and I have an agreement.  The front yard is off limits!  That is mine.  The snow will last longer and stay pretty for a long time without a lot of footprints messing it up.  When I went out this morning to take pictures, the only marks in the front yard were those of the cats and even the cats seem to understand the rules because their prints are all over the back yard but only around the perimeter of the front!  I have good (and smart) cats.
According to the Farmers Almanac, we will have another big snow in March.  I guess we will have to wait and see.  If we do, I hope Jonathan and Noah make memories with good friends like the ones I have of that Spring Break 1968.

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