Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cruising as a VIP

Just got into our suite.  This VIP stuff is GREAT!  We left the hotel at 10:30 this morning and by 11:30 we were sipping the drink of the day and eating lunch.  When they say VIP they really mean it.  We were whisked off to a private office as soon as we stepped off the shuttle and from there it was the royal treatment all the way!  I think we are spoiled already & we haven’t even left the port !

Our room is nice but not any bigger than the balcony room on the Triumph.  It is very nice though & the whirlpool tub will be a plus.  We saw on the web page that we could get internet use for $5.00 a day, but it turns out that it is really $24 an hour!  I won't be posting as often as I thought at those prices!

We are ready for some fun and relaxation though... not much to post yet... Will post pictures tomorrow. 

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