Sunday, October 10, 2010

Security vs Convenience & miscellaneous other "stuff"

Sitting here wondering what we should do about the limit on our debit card.  I know it is there for a good reason, but it is REALLY embarrassing when your debit card is denied.  You can tell the clerk a million times that it is because of a limit that you forgot about, but you know she is thinking "yeah, right, you're broke & we both know it, but I'll pretend that I believe you".  That has happened to us a couple of times.  If we increase our limit that problem would be solved, but it would leave us more vulnerable to someone hacking our account.  Hence the dilemma. How much are we willing to risk for the convenience of being able to walk into a store & drop $1,000.00 without a problem?  On the other hand, how many times would we actually DO that?!  Oh well, I will ponder that for a while before I make a decision.

I had my "formal evaluation" on Wednesday.  Everything went well.... or so I thought!  I got my paperwork back on Friday & now I'm thinking that my evaluator and I were in two different classes! 

1.  He said that I didn't have my objectives posted... I did. 
2.  He said I gave them a "word hunt"... It's called using context clues to identify vocabulary words. 
3.  He said that I used an "overhead"...  it was a powerpoint presentation. 
4.  He said that I didn't assign specific duties to each member of my small groups... they had been in these groups for three days and already knew what they were supposed to do.
5.  He didn't understand what the purpose of the lesson was.... see #1

I will try to explain all of this to him on Monday, but whether I will be able to change his mind or not.... who knows!  I just think it is a real shame that what will go into my file will be written by somebody who doesn't know the difference between an overhead projector and a computer!

We made another payment on our cruise this morning after a few glitches (see first paragraph).  Will make another payment tomorrow and the final payment on Tuesday.  Everytime I log into Carnival Cruise Lines web site it gives me a count down....  We cruise in 68 days!

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