Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hotty Toddy

We just got back from the game.  They still are having problems with the 4th quarter but a win is a win & we'll take it!  Hung out in the Grove with  family & friends.  We haven't done that in a long time.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the atmosphere... & the smell of barbecue, Jim Beam & perfume/cologne all mixed together is the best fragrance on earth.  I "dressed up" this time.  I usually wear jeans & tennis shoes but Robyn convinced me that I should wear something "Grove worthy".  I'm glad I did.  I may do it again!  Thanks Robyn.

Every time we get the suitcases out Jenna goes nuts!  She loves to ride & she associates suitcases with her getting to go in the car.  Every time we leave, she gets boarded so it makes sense I guess.  Today when Terry got out all the stuff to take to the Grove, she got all excited,  I guess to a nearly blind 13-14 year old Cocker Spaniel a cooler looks like a suitcase!  Anyway, when we opened the door to leave she shot out the door like a bullet!  I'm yelling for her to come back & Terry says, "you know she can't hear a word you're saying right?"  It was true.  She didn't hear me.  It didn't matter though because the only place she was going was to the car.  Terry pretended like he was going to open the door & when she got ready to jump in, he picked her up & took her in the house.  I kind of felt sorry for her.  She just wanted to go for a ride & it seemed a little bit cruel to trick her like that.  I may take her for a ride tomorrow just to make up  to her for tricking her today.

Only 76 days until we cruise!  The time is going by FAST!  I am ready to pack.  As soon as the weather gets cool enough that I don't need my summer clothes anymore I AM going to pack! I will just have to hide it from Jenna.

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